Decorating candles

Bella and I spent a few hours of quality time together this morning decorating  candles.

Our first task was a trial run on one of our ‘emergency power cut candles’, just to check that the process we wanted to use would work. It was a success, so we set to work and let our creative juices flow!

The process is lots of fun, really easy and very effective.

Once you have gathered all you will need together you start by drawing your design onto white tissue paper. Bella had a large pillar candle and decided to draw a picture of Pinkie Pie, a character from My Little Pony, surrounded by balloons. She later added 2 robins and some love hearts for good measure

I used 2 smaller candles to see what effects could be achieved. For my first candle I stamped a rose onto the tissue and coloured it in with my trusty pro-markers. For my second candle I drew a robin free hand and wrote Merry Xmas onto the tissue.

Once your design is complete cut around it and place onto the candle. Wrap grease proof paper tightly around the candle and use the heat gun to melt the design onto the candle. You will know this is working when you see the design turn a slightly darker colour.

Handy hints learnt through trial and error ;

Don’t over heat the paper or you will end up with wax dripping down your leg (ouch) and your finish will be uneven.

It is easier to do a few smaller designs and apply them separately than to do one large design over the whole candle.

Cut your grease proof paper large enough for you to get a good grip on it whilst heating, it is easy to cook your fingers by mistake.

All that remains is to stand back and admire your handy work!!