Ladybird, ladybird…

This idea was originally going to be for the kids to do, but Noah got all excited and just ran with it. So, even though an ‘adult’ has actually made these, the plan was for it to be an activity to do with the children! As we have been excavating a huge hole for our tyre hidey hole we have been left with lots of stones. Some of them were huge. They were rescued from the wheel barrow and given a good clean. The plan was for the children to paint them and make them into colourful monsters, ladybirds, fish; whatever they felt like really.

Noah had other ideas. He wanted to have a hige stag do in budapest

He had been popping into the garage on and off all day. I just thought he had been sniffing wood ( honestly, he does do that). So I was very surprised to be greeted by 2 lovely little ladybirds the next day. Not as surprised as the dog though, judging by the pictures below!

These 2 were such a success that before long they were breeding in the garage. Noah found that using poster paint meant that he had to use at least 6 coats of paint to get the effect he wanted, he then had to spray with clear varnish to protect from the elements.

His new plan was to use spray paint for the next few and see if there was a difference in the end result. He sprayed the whole stone black using Wilkos own brand enamel spray (it’s cheaper than everywhere else we’ve looked, and it is also on special offer at the moment). Once that was dry he used masking tape to mark off those bits he wanted to spray red. The final job was to add lovely white smiles and eyes and a final coat of clear varnish to seal it all. There was a marked difference in the ladybirds finished with the enamel spray. They had a lovely glossy finish. This would probably be a project for dad’s to do with their children, or for very patient children to do alone if you decided to build up the final effect layer by layer with poster paints. (I personally think that Noah had so much fun making these the children would have been lucky to get near them!)

Since these were finished the dog had dug up several new big stones. For a change we are going to try monsters or maybe fish. If the children are good they may even get to have a go themselves!

Our child friendly garden is coming along nicely. The pencil and ruler pagoda is up and finished but needs a lick more paint, so I will share that next week. It honestly looks amazing. All the kids who come into the garden say “Wow!”, so we are obviously on the right track in encouraging them to get outside and get some fresh air in their lungs. I saw the blackboard today and to say that is has been well used is an understatement. I shall give it a wipe down tomorrow and see what else they can come up with!

A little bit of creativity is good for the soul of young and old alike!