Why Is Staub Cookware So Expensive?

There are so many reasons chefs and home cooks love Staub Cookware, but we’re sure it’s not because of the price tag. Staub is one of the most expensive cookware brands in the market today. Its products can cost well over US$300 for a 5.5-quart Cocotte. 

Is it really worth spending a hundred bucks for one single cookware? And why is Staub so expensive when there are other US$50 brands with the same function? Let’s find out why Staub costs so much here!

So What Is The Price Difference?

The cost of Staub Cookware against other brands isn’t just minor. If you plan on buying an enameled cast iron Dutch oven for example, expect to spend US$200 to more than US$1000 for large sizes. This is a stark contrast if you buy a Lodge cast iron pot which will only cost you as low as US$50. Staub Cookware’s frying pans and skillets are not cheap either, they are sold at premium prices. 

What Makes Staub Cookware So Expensive?

The number one reason Staub Cookware is so expensive is because of the location of production. Staub is made in northeastern France. Due to labor and operations costs, producing goods in Western countries is generally expensive. Far East countries such as China have considerably lower production costs. 

The quality of Staub Cookware is remarkable, and it doesn’t come free. If you take a look at any Staub Dutch oven, you’ll see flawless paint, high attention to detail and a perfect finish. Staub’s enameling process is incomparable. The glossy and vibrant color we see in Staub Cookware come from layers and layers of glass colored with rich minerals. The extra layer is also what makes it long lasting and scratch-resistant. 

Staub is one of the few cookware brands who are not fully machine operated. Certain manufacturing methods are still handmade, which makes a whole lot of difference in quality. Staub also undergoes a lengthy manufacturing process with hundreds of quality control points. 

With the amount of thought, craftsmanship, engineering and manufacturing that Staub products undergo, its hefty price tag is no longer surprising. 

Staub’s branding is also one major reason driving up its retail price. Staub isn’t only simple cookware, it’s an entire brand of high-end French Cookware. The brand has enjoyed a prestigious reputation, which it needs to consistently maintain. 

In addition, Staub’s staunchest rival, Le Creuset has long positioned itself as the superior Dutch oven. For this reason, Staub had to step up their branding game to position themselves as exclusive. This directly increased the price of its products. Aside from being exclusive, Staub is also marketed as desirable. The rich and successful sees the brand as a lifestyle and are more than willing to pay any price.

Tariffs and shipping costs are also culprits why Staub is so expensive. Staub products are quite heavy and given their size, shipping can really be expensive. The cost of doing business in foreign countries can also come with a price. This makes Staub products pricier.

Why Should I Buy Staub Cookware?

Staub is a reputable Cookware brand founded in 1974. It produces the best enamel cast cookware including Dutch ovens. Staub is highly praised for its browning performance. It produces consistent and equal browning in all sides of your meat when you are searing. Staub particularly uses quartz which makes heating quicker, and in turn the equal browning effect. 

Besides its browning ability, Staub has a black matter enameled interior that doesn’t stain. And although it doesn’t have a natural non-stick surface, it can create a non-stick seasoning over time which improves the flavor of food. 

The lid of the cookware is really tight and has self-basting ability which is important when cooking certain dishes. Its knob is made of metal allowing it to withstand high temperatures. 

As for aesthetic, Staub has flawless enamel and finish. It offers a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors and has an elegant and classic design. 

Most of all, Staub offers an excellent lifetime warranty program to cover your cookware for life. Should any issues arise, you can have your product repaired or replaced on a case to case basis. 

Is Staub Worth It?

With its gorgeous aesthetic and high-quality pieces, it is difficult to ignore Staub. 

At the end of the day, the decision to buy a Staub Cookware is a subjective one. If you absolutely love cooking and spending time in the kitchen, or you use a Dutch oven more than once a week, then Staub may be worth considering. 

A Staub can be a good investment if you want to upgrade the cooking experience. Over time, it also gets more valuable as you collect more essential pieces. But one thing is for sure, you don’t need to have Staub’s entire line. Choosing the most useful pieces is enough to make cooking more comfortable and worthwhile.